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All events are free and open to the public:

Saturday, October 20th: 
4pm-5:30pm, Location: International Civil Rights Center & Museum
Faces of Diversity Kick-off Event

Friday, October 26th: 
6pm-8pm, Location: Greensboro History Museum 
Intro to Faces of Diversity & Artist Talk 

Saturday, October 27th:
2pm-4pm, Location: LeBauer Park at Ghoulash event
Fingerprint collection
4pm-5:30pm, Location: International Civil Rights Center & Museum
Community Conversation

Sunday, October 28th:
2pm-5pm, Location: LeBauer Park
Community Dance

What is Faces of Diversity: Greensboro Project? It is a community building and character development public art project - with hopes to open up the hearts and minds of participants. Through experiential activities, project participants are guided by the artist Edwin Gil as pieces of their personal stories and color psychology will be joined together to form a large-format piece of artwork using upcycled glass containing the fingerprints of community members produced by Gil. Gil uses his art to bridge cultures and diverse groups together. His creation will open the doors for our community to become stronger, more creative, and respectful of everyone’s life experiences through the discussions and events among participants. The piece will hang in the atrium of the Greensboro Cultural Center, celebrating the diversity of our community for years to come.

When is it? Faces of Diversity: Greensboro Project will kick off with a conversation about Faces of Diversity led by a diverse panel of community leaders. It will continue the following weekend with community gatherings to start the dialogue of intentional conversation and pride in our differences. The final product is a permanent art installation in the Greensboro Cultural Center, but the process is unique in that its creation requires community participation at all levels. It will begin with Edwin Gil leading a community conversation in the Greensboro History Museum to help us see how despite our differences and diversity we are all connected and are special in our own way. He will invite participants to leave their print to create a collective masterpiece. The second event will be hosted in LeBauer Park to collect more fingerprints, followed by a community conversation at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. The final event will be Community Dance in LeBauer Park underneath Janet Echelman’s aerial sculpture “Where We Met.” The interactive event encourages audience participation to showcase and educate our community on the diverse cultural arts that exist here in Greensboro. Various community leaders will speak during the event. Fingerprints from the community will be collected at all events for the permanent installation in the Greensboro Cultural Center.

About the Artist, Edwin Gil: Colombian artist Edwin Gil is an avid social activist and uses his art to bridge cultures and diverse groups living in the U.S. Edwin has overcome numerous obstacles to become one of America’s premier Latino Artists. In his Faces of Diversity Project, Edwin shares his story of triumph and how it helped shape his idea of social awareness through art. Edwin Gil & Upcycling: https://vimeo.com/84282046https://edwingil.com/portfolio/faces-of-diversity-2/

Faces of Diversity: Greensboro Project is made possible in partnership with Weaver Foundation, Spark Grant: Action GreensborosynerG & Downtown GreensboroCity of GreensboroCity ArtsInternational Civil Rights Center & MuseumCasa Azul of GreensboroGreensboro History Museum, Cemala Foundation, Greensboro Cultural Center and Greensboro Downtown Parks.

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