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Become a Greensboro Downtown Parks

Program Partner

If you are a local nonprofit, small business, artist, educator, advocate, or more and would like to make an impact in your city by helping us to provide *always FREE* community engagement activities and resources, consider becoming a GDPI Program Partner today!

Program eligibility
Partner Benefits

Program Eligibility 

Greensboro Downtown Parks annually works with 30+ local experts in their respective fields to bring high-quality community engagement programs to Center City & LeBauer Parks. Creating a space to develop new ways for people to come together is the hallmark of our vision for activating these public spaces, and our organization is committed to bringing the best of what Greensboro has to offer to our visitors by way of longterm, meaningful program partnerships.

To be eligible to bring a program to Greensboro's downtown parks, partners must:

  • Show proof of experience in their respective program areas. GDPI is committed to providing high-quality programming, working with vetted professionals and/or community volunteers in their area of expertise. 

  • Align their programmatic structure to the goals of our organization's vision for activated placemaking. 

  • Understand that all programs at LeBauer & Center City Parks must remain entirely FREE to attend for the public. Pay-to-participate activations may be organized at the downtown parks through our Park Rentals department.