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Express Loving-Kindness With Help From Cheri Timmons

Expressing loving-kindness is a simple and very powerful way to share love, compassion, peace and acceptance with others, as well yourself.

Although the specific wording may fluctuate depending on which meditation you follow, the intent is the same – shifting into present moment awareness with an open heart, dropping any judgement and focusing kindness and compassion towards self and others.

You are welcome to Google “loving-kindness meditation” or search for one on InsightTimer…there are lots to choose from.

But to keep it simple, I am sharing here the language I like to use, in the moment towards myself or a specific person to send out feelings of peace, calm and love.

Take a seat in a quiet space.  Soften your body.  Relax your mind.  And follow along with these words:

May I be well.

May I be loved.

May I be joyful.

May I be at peace.

May you be well.

May you be loved.

May you be joyful.

May you be at peace.

May all living beings be well.

May all living beings be loved.

May all living things be joyful.

May all living things be at peace.

Say these words slowly, with intention and calm breath.  No rush.  

I invite you to use this small and powerful tool in your life when you feel unsettled or unseen and to cast out thoughts of love and acceptance to others in your life.  


Cheri Timmons is a Greensboro Downtown Parks program partner. The work she does with us is critical to providing FREE wellness programming to our park community. As we make our way through these unprecedented times, consider how you might support local Greensboro non-profits like us, as well as local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs like Cheri, makers, and more. We'll continue to bring you free programming through our digital platforms and look forward to having you join us and Cheri back in the parks soon!

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