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World-renowned art and Design with a community vision

LeBauer and Center City Parks were each designed with a creative reimagining of downtown Greensboro in mind. From LeBauer's innovative design dedicated to activity and play, to Center City's lush, green serenity, visitors are sure to delight in a truly unique urban park experience that captures the spirit of the Greensboro identity. 

Park Design

Park Design


Filling the block between Elm and Davie Streets, Center City Park is an urban oasis where the business and arts districts of downtown Greensboro converge. Outlined by a canopy of trees and plant beds, the center of the park creates the feeling of escape from the bustle of the streets,  still with the scenic views of iconic Greensboro architecture standing out above the treeline.

Center City Park was conceived as a series of outdoor rooms that are comfortable and functional for large scale events, as well as for small groups and individuals to relax and socialize. Design inside the park is composed of a number of artworks and interpretive elements representative of the region. The design and detailing of the pergolas, which are wooden canopy structures with intricately woven details, are inspired by the shuttle and weaving loom, recalling the importance of the textile industry to the early growth of Greensboro. The fountain is an abstract representation of the seasonal stream beds found throughout the Piedmont region of North Carolina and features incredible jet sequences and playful design elements that encourage community interaction. Public art in the park pays homage to traditional folk arts traditions of North Carolina, such as weaving and pottery. 

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With its innovative design dedicated to activity and play, LeBauer Park has changed the landscape of downtown Greensboro. LeBauer lies at the heart of the Cultural Arts District, nestled between the Greensboro Cultural Center, the Greensboro History Museum, and the Greensboro Central Library. With the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts directly across the street from LeBauer's Great Lawn and the Greensboro Children's Museum across from the park's Church St. entrance, LeBauer is truly at the center of activity downtown - and it shows! Hundreds of thousands of annual visitors make LeBauer Park their go-to destination as a space known for always having something to do. 

With a unique and accessible playground design, interactive play fountain, ping pong tables, putting green, open lawns, performance pavilion, café dining, garden, and downtown's only public dog park, LeBauer provides exciting built in features to support a wide variety of activity. Colorful design elements and public art, including Janet Echelman's instantly recognizable hanging sculpture, Where We Met, make this park a beautiful and vibrant home for our community to gather. 

Permanent Artworks

Permanent Artworks

Center City and LeBauer Parks are home to a permanent collection of 10 public art pieces. Click on each artwork below to learn more.