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Why here?  LeBauer Park and Center City Park are a combined 5-acre urban green space that serves as the central gathering place for residents and visitors alike in the heart of downtown Greensboro. Each year, the parks play host to hundreds of public and private events: fundraisers, concerts, festivals, parties, weddings, races, rallies, and more. At the center of the action in GSO, over 200,000 annual visitors find a touch of home in LeBauer and Center City Parks.


Outstanding public art, open lawns, performance pavilions, recreational equipment, and other unique park features create the perfect setting for events of any size and scope. Whether you imagine an intimate gathering on a warm night surrounded by lush trees, or a crowd of thousands celebrating a great time, Greensboro's downtown parks can provide your ideal atmosphere. 

Covid-19 & Events

Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. is following the guidelines set by the state of North Carolina and the local city government in making determinations on hosting public and private gatherings in LeBauer and Center City Parks. Additionally, select park operations have been affected by our current public health crisis, including certain features being closed or operating under limited hours. To learn more about our latest updates regarding Covid-19, the downtown parks, and events, please see our Covid-19 Response Page. 

Pricing Adjustments

Due to difficulties of Covid-19, Greensboro Downtown Parks is willing to work with event organizers to determine the best ways to pull off their events safely and within budget at either LeBauer or Center City Parks. The prices outlined in the Event Rental Guide do not reflect the flexibility with which we can work with you during these unprecedented times.

We are currently offering pricing specials for select event types, including socially-distanced business meetings and ongoing wellness classes/trainings. Additional pricing adjustments may be available for your event. 


If you are considering hosting an event in Greensboro's downtown parks, please email us at 

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Take a look through our Event Rental Guide to get all the information you need on available park spaces, pricing, the rental process, FAQs, and more. Then, download a Request for Park Use Application to get started on bringing your next event to Downtown Greensboro!

Applications and questions may be emailed to Assistant Director of Programs & Marketing, Ganisha Baker, at 

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