we invite you to become a friend of greensboro downtown parks!

Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. is a non-profit organization in partnership with the City of Greensboro, and serves as the executive management of LeBauer Park and Center City Park, two active and inviting landscapes in downtown Greensboro. Friends of Greensboro Downtown Parks contribute to the growing vibrancy of downtown by helping fund inclusive community programming and continued beautification of the parks.


By becoming a Friend of Greensboro Downtown Parks, you will support programs such as free movie nights, children’s activities, fitness classes, and live performances. You will also help to maintain first-rate facilities including an interactive fountain, performance spaces, children’s play area, dog park, and putting green.​




2019 Friends Of the Park

Preserver $5,000

Leslie & Robert Ketner

Protector $1,000

Gail & Gene LeBauer Family Fund in Memory of Carolyn Weill LeBauer

Holt & Nick Wilson

Jeff Smith

John & Martha Chandler Fund

Joseph M. Bryan Jr.

Katherine & Mike Weaver

Margaret & Bill Benjamin

Marty Overman

Melissa Greer

Network for Good

Undercurrent Restaurant

Sustainer $500

Alexa Aycock

Ashley Madden

Boon & Kess Thongteum

Clare & Mike Abel

Drs. Janet Boseovski & Dr. Stuart Marcovitch

Emily Hinton

Hagan Family Fund in Honor of Carrie H. Stewart

Kimberly Martin

Pam & David Sprinkle

Sigmund & Ellen Tannenebaum

Thomas Sloan

Timmothy Thomson

Supporter $250

Barbara Newbauer

Betty & Ben Cone Jr.

Cara & Kyle Hobbs

Cemala Foundation, Inc.

Dabney & Walker Sanders

Dawn Chaney

Evelyn Day

FirstPoint Inc

Francis Flaherty

Garson & Cathy Rice

Jennifer J Kilpatrick

Jennifer Scheib

Jim & Susan Melvin

Joan & Samuel LeBauer

John C. Hagan

Julie Olin

Karl B. & Deborah L. Fields

Kyle Davis

Larry C and Vera D Burnett

Matthew Brunson Martin

New Garden Landscaping & Nursery

Robert Overman

Advocate $100

Adam Duggins

Andrew Spainhour

Andy Zimmerman

Anne & Byron Loflin

Ashley Freund

Ben & Dorothy Brown

Bill & Lee Britt

Bobby & Stacy Calfo

C. Vickie Kilimanjaro

Carl Brower

Carol Davis

Cathy Wheeler

Ceceila Thompson & Chris Wilson

Clem & Hayes Clement

Dana & Andrew Davis

Darla Roberts

Dora & Bruce Brodie

Dr. Helen Brooks & Dale Shaw

Dr. John & Joan Dilworth

Elizabeth & Dan Freeze

Elizabeth & Patrick Burns

Emily Ledbetter

Eric Flick

Harden & Derry Blackwell

Heather Oakley

Hoke Huss

Jane & Richard Levy

Jerry Harrleson

John & Lacy Starr

Judy & Bob Wicker

Justin Washington

Kate & Jim Schlosser

Kate & Phelps Sprinkle

Kathy & Daniel Craft

Linda & Robert Edmunds

Little Gate Garden Club

Luke Bierman

Lynda & Locke Clifford

Margaret & Howard Arbuckle

Maria & J. Paul Linden

Marion & Peggy Follin

Mary & Paul Livingston

Milton Kern

Mr. & Mrs. F. Marshall Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Henry G. Carrison III

Mrs. Berkeley H. Harris

Myrna Carlock

Nancy Hoffmann

Nancy & Jim Bryan

Pam & Alan Duncan

Phil Fleischmann

Rebecca Ulmsten

Robert M. Peddrick

Ron Johnson & Bill Roane

Ronald Tucceri

Tammi Thurm

William W. Truslow

Yosuke & Kathie Yamamori

Patron $50


Arch U.S. MI Services, Inc.

Ashton & Bryan Clemmons

Beth Boulton

Beth C. Harrington

Brittany & Tom Blue

Chester Brown

Cindy & Howard Williams

Diane Joyner & Ashley Hase

Fanny Bain

Jen Sadock & Steve Friedland

Julie & Tom Taylor

Laura Otterberg

Lou Bouvier & Danny Kelly

Margaret & Robert Kantlehner

Maureen & Doug Murray

Molly Mullin

Nancy & Eriwn Fuller Jr.

Nancy Doll

Nancy L. Moore

R. J. & A. E. Kroupa

Rhonda Broder-Dunlevy

Scott Firestone

Sharon & Reed Johnston

Soumya Iyer

Stephen Dahlstedt

Suresh Nagappan

Tammy Renee Alexander

Taylor Ashby

Tony LeTrent-Jones

Contributor $35

Agnes & David M. Moore II

Buddy & Kelly Seymour

Cissy & Bill Parham

Collins & Tyson Pugh

George & Kitty Robison

Hillary Meredith

Jordan Goldman

Martin Andersen

Peter & Rosemary Delos

Shawna Tillery

giving levels

Join Friends of Greensboro Downtown Parks today and help ensure that LeBauer Park and City Center Park continue to deliver unmatched experience for Greensboro residents and visitors of all ages!

Contributor | $35
Patron | $50
Advocate | $100
Supporter | $250
Sustainer | $500
Protector | $1,000
Conservator | $2,500
Preserver | $5,000

M - F

8AM - 5PM


Greensboro Downtown Parks

200 N Davie St., Box 22

Greensboro, NC 27401


Children are an integral part of the magic that is our downtown parks. The "Little Friends of the Park" provides a teachable moment for our youngest visitors about the importance of supporting their community and taking ownership of their most favorite places. There are three giving levels that are "allowance friendly" and align with their limited budgets to make giving a fun and realistic goal. 

high five | $5

big ten | $10

Superhero | $20

As the only dog park in downtown Greensboro, LeBauer Park has quickly become the go-to gathering spot for our furry, four-legged friends. Help support our downtown dog's favorite play place by making a donation in honor of your dog. Its a perfect way to support the upkeep and maintenance of this popular park feature while showing your canine compatriot just how much you love them! 

puppy | $25

pedigree | $50

best in show | $100

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200 N Davie Street

Greensboro, NC 27401


Greensboro Downtown Parks Inc. is a non-profit organization in partnership with the City of Greensboro, Center City Park and LeBauer Park. The mission of GDPI is to serve as the executive management of Greensboro’s downtown parks, focusing on public activation, maintenance, financial well-being and overall vitality.

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