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Collect Donations

Now that your Friendsgiving is on the move, it's time to plan how you're going to collect donations throughout the celebration. 

Remember, the more you collect, the more you help your favorite downtown parks! And, the Party Host that raises the most in donations from their Friendsgiving will win a very special prize. 

So, how do you get started? We've got you covered on some key talking points about the state of your downtown parks in light of our public health crisis and where support from your celebration will go. Check out our Friendsgiving Entertainment page for a message from our Executive Director to support making your 'ask' of friends and family.  

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**To be considered for the competition to win the artwork by collecting the most in donations from your Friendsgiving celebration, we must receive your party's donation by 11:59PM on Monday, December 7. 

Ready to Collect? Here's How

Keep it simple, collect online! 

There are a few great ways to collect donations online. At your party, you can use the form on this page to collect donations directly from guests throughout your celebration. *Make sure that each guest leaves a comment with the name of the Party Host so we can keep track of donations attributed to your Friendsgiving! Guests can make donations securely by Credit/Debit or PayPal. 

Want to keep closer tabs on your party's    donation? Have guests give their donations directly to you by check, cash, Venmo, or another transfer app, and you can simply make a lump sum donation on this form. *Again, be sure to leave a comment identifying yourself as a Party Host. 

Want to collect donations in advance of your celebration? CLICK HERE and send the linked form to guests when you send an invite, directing them to make their donation there. *Don't forget to tell them to leave a comment with their Friendsgiving Party Host's name so we can track your celebration's donations!

Another easy option? Try Text-to-Give

You and your guests can simply send a text to make donations! When texting, be sure to include a comment with the name of the Party Host the donation should be attributed to. 

Text 'MYPARK' to 44-321 to make giving easy. 

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Or, go old school​!

If tech isn't your thing, no worries! After you've collected donations from your Friendsgiving celebration, you can give us a call to make the gift over the phone, or send us a check by mail, making sure to identify yourself as a Party Host. Don't forget, though - to be considered for the prize for collecting the most in donations, we must receive all funds no later than 11:59PM on Monday, December 7.  

(336) 373 - 7533

200 N. Davie Street

Box 22

Greensboro, NC 27401

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