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Artist in residence

Welcome to the parks: where the community and its stories creatively converge

Creative placemaking is about forging an identity connection to a particular space. The meaning that our community members inscribe to these parks - bringing their narratives, showcasing their craft, highlighting perspectives, building traditions, making memories - is the power that turns these spaces into more than mere backdrop.


We are committed to providing space not only for artists to showcase their work, but to also lead the community in connecting with its stories, assets, challenges, and possibilities. Utilizing Center City & LeBauer Parks as studio, medium, performance venue, and ultimate collaborator, Artists in Residence spend time building a relationship with these community spaces and the people they bring together to explore a central creative vision.  

Past Residencies

The Greensboro Downtown Parks Artist in Residence program began in 2021. Each year, the parks host one Artist in Residence to create an original work in partnership, conversation, and community with these urban greenspaces and the people they bring together. Learn more about our past Artists in Residence and their projects below:

2022 Artist in Residence


We were thrilled to welcome the Activate Entertainment Project as our 2022 Artist in Residence at the downtown parks! Beginning in May 2022, park guests could catch this circus arts company creating their site-specific work, Passages, in LeBauer and Center City Parks. The artwork explored stories of childhood, change, and connection as an homage to our 'extra'ordinary lives. Activate Entertainment held weekly pop-ups and rehearsals throughout their five-month residency inviting park guests to be a part of the creation of this incredible work.  A final grand performance proved to be a celebration of the magical mundane and all the ways a change of perspective can bring us closer together as a community. 

The 2022 Artist in Residence project was made possible by the generous support of the following:

The NC Arts CouncilThe Cemala Foundation, ArtsGreensboroWeaver Foundation, Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts

2021 Artist in Residence

A Wicked Silence logo.png

by Alexandra Joye Warren 



Current opportunities

Applications are CLOSED for our Artist in Residence program. 


Are you a local, Guilford County based artist or arts collective looking for

an opportunity to create an impactful community engagement project in an

exciting new environment? 

Stay tuned 2024 Artist in Residence opportunities expected in late 2023. 

Notes from the Air

Notes from the AiR is the blog series housing all of the information, updates, research, and journal entries about and from the Artist in Residence (AiR). 

Notes from the Air
Past Residencies
Current Opportunities
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