The health and safety of park staff and visitors is our primary concern in light of the corona virus pandemic. We value the trust and support of our community in the decisions we make to keep everyone well and thank you for your understanding, even as there continue to be inconveniences to normal operations. As a non-profit organization, our funding has also taken a toll in light of the economic impact of the virus. As we prepare the parks for daily public use and make decisions concerning operations moving forward, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is it safe?

  • Can we afford it?

  • Can we manage it? 


We want to return to normal as much as our park visitors do - we miss you! And we also trust our community to understand that difficult decisions are being made across our city and beyond to maintain the health of our community members. The following adjustments have been made to park operations concerning Covid-19. Developments are ongoing and will be updated on this page accordingly: 

  • All Programs/Events have been canceled for the foreseeable future. Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. cannot sanction gatherings of more than 100 people in the parks, per the guidelines laid out by the State. Should people choose to gather in a larger crowd of their own accord, they do so at their own risk. We ask that organizers of such gatherings give us advance notice so that we may prepare Park Staff and request that they encourage participants to wear masks and practice social distancing whenever possible. For more information on gatherings/events in the downtown parks, please email us at or give us a call at (336)373-7533. 

  • Restrooms in Center City Park are open daily from 8AM to 8PM for public use. Restrooms in LeBauer Park are open from 10AM to 6PM. 

  • The Lincoln Financial Children's Garden in LeBauer Park is open from 10AM to 6PM

  • The VF Seasonal Plaza interactive fountain in LeBuaer Park is closed. 

  • Ghassan's and PorterHouse food kiosks in LeBauer Park are closed. 

  • Games equipment, as well as strategic park equipment and furniture have been sanitized and removed to storage.

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Greensboro Downtown Parks Inc. is a non-profit organization in partnership with the City of Greensboro, Center City Park and LeBauer Park. The mission of GDPI is to serve as the executive management of Greensboro’s downtown parks, focusing on public activation, maintenance, financial well-being and overall vitality.