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Be Smooth Urban Ballroom & Line Dance on the Center City Great Lawn

A longtime partner of Greensboro Downtown Parks, Marcus B. Smooth and his Be Smooth dance crew are quite familiar with the parks. Described as a movement of positive, mature individuals who are passionate about Motown / Detroit Style Ballroom & Line Dancing, Be Smooth has hosted numerous dance mixers in the parks and participated in past Dance Day events. They also offer class lessons and accommodate all levels of ability, though classes are on pause indefinitely due to Covid-19 at the moment.

Since the pandemic has halted all of their classes, Marcus said he “was very glad to see that [GDPI] was still doing something, and thought it was a good idea to hold the event virtually.” Marcus said he loves seeing all the different styles of dance and all of the different cultures coming together at National Dance Day every year. He loves seeing the diversity that comes to downtown Greensboro, and so he is thankful that GDPI is still holding an event, even if it looks different this year.

“It has just been so fun to be back out downtown at the parks. The group hasn’t seen each other since February or March because of the pandemic, so it really felt like a family reunion for us to get back together for this performance. We’re excited for everyone to join us from home and celebrate Dance Day.”

Be Smooth hopes to resume classes soon, but until then you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

Your Support Means a lot

Like all of our programs at Greensboro Downtown Parks, National Dance Day GSO is free to attend every year. We're proud to put this event on, showcasing the talented performing artists of our local community. Especially this year, when the corona virus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on non-profits like us, artists, and the entire creative sector, we're grateful to have this event as a shining example of what coming together looks like, even when we have to be apart. Support from individuals and sponsor organizations is critical to bolstering the work of the local arts and culture economy. You can lend your support by donating or becoming a Friend of the Park and help us continue to bring free programs to the public.

We especially want to thank generous sponsors for helping us to put this virtual event on this year:

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