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Daliana Dance Competition Team, Lyrical Contemporary with Acro on LeBauer Great Lawn

Daliana Simons, founder of Daliana Dance, has been involved with dance for over 40 years. Her classical dance training began in 1976 at June Claire School of Dance in Long Island, NY and she began belly dancing in 1984. She was honored to be a member of both the Long Island Ballet Theater for 4 years while also performing with a professional international dance troupe in New York for 8 years. She is also certified in Acrobatic Arts as well as Progressing Ballet Technique. Through her connections, Daliana prides herself in bringing superior dance instructors to the Triad area to enhance further the skill set of her amazing and valued students of all ages!

In addition to offering instructional classes, Daliana Dance has a competition team composed of serious and dedicated dancers. "The girls don’t have a lot of opportunities to perform right now, so being in costume and having park visitors stop to watch them really made this feel like a performance. They work hard for their skill set and want to share it with others. And, as an instructor, I’m filled with pride for them." Performing one of their competition routines, Daliana Dance executed a beautiful contemporary routine that encouraged people to go with the flow because change in life is inevitable. Daliana Simons even had custom-made face masks to match the girls’ costumes so that they would be able to perform safely together. Though they were impacted by covid, Daliana Dance didn't let it stop them. They immediately switched to Zoom classes and didn't miss a single day of dance. They’ve also turned to dancing outside, which has been refreshing, and has enabled them to actually reach for the sky.

Simons believes that, "Dance and the arts in general will take you in and let you either forget or better process what’s happening in the world and all around you. We all need that right now.”

If you're interested in signing up for Daliana Dance classes or joining the competition team, check out their Facebook, Instagram and website.

Your Support Means a lot

Like all of our programs at Greensboro Downtown Parks, National Dance Day GSO is free to attend every year. We're proud to put this event on, showcasing the talented performing artists of our local community. Especially this year, when the corona virus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on non-profits like us, artists, and the entire creative sector, we're grateful to have this event as a shining example of what coming together looks like, even when we have to be apart. Support from individuals and sponsor organizations is critical to bolstering the work of the local arts and culture economy. You can lend your support by donating or becoming a Friend of the Park and help us continue to bring free programs to the public.

We especially want to thank generous sponsors for helping us to put this virtual event on this year:

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