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GDPI Kids' Klub: Fly Away with Chloe the Jumbo Jet, Inc.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Every Saturday, June 5 - 26

1:00 - 2:00pm

Lincoln Financial Children's Garden, LeBauer Park

Want to add it to your calendar? Register here. Drop-ins are always welcome.

Join Greensboro-based author Ciandress Jackson each Saturday from 1-2pm in the LeBauer Park Children's Garden as she reads and teaches her book, Chloe the Jumbo Jet: Charlie's Change of Heart, to our Kids' Klub members! This book was recently released on April 2, 2021, the newest in the Chloe the Jumbo Jet series. The story follows the second grade class at Wheels Up Elementary School as they go on an adventure to Saudi Arabia to learn about all it has to offer. On the way, Charlie learns a valuable lesson about stereotypes and even makes a new friend! During the reading, Chloe the Jumbo Jet herself will make an appearance in the park!

Following the story, kids can jam out with a mini dance party featuring music from Chloe the Jumbo Jet animations. There will also be fun activities and games, with chances for participants to win awesome prizes!

Chloe the Jumbo Jet, Inc. is a children's media brand and franchise that aims to educate children ages 4 to 8 about domestic and international travel and exploration through entertaining and fact-based learning about geography, history, landmarks, culture, and language. The characters in the Chloe the Jumbo Jet series were designed with the sole purpose of exposing children to certain universally accepted values and principles, fostering a spirit of global collaboration and cultural sensitivity and appreciation. Each of the characters are personable and easily relatable to allow children to connect with them.

This program will help children actively engage in learning about different cultures through exciting activities and creative storytelling. We can't wait for you to come out to LeBauer Park for an awesome adventure with Chloe!

Find more information about Chloe the Jumbo Jet, Inc. on their website and Facebook page!


GDPI Kids' Klub programs are made possible by the generous support of our 2021 Family Programs Presenting Sponsor, Greensboro Montessori School.


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