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How to Tune In to NDDGSO

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

National Dance Day GSO is going virtual! You can learn the how, why, and more here, but if you're all caught up on those details and are just looking for a way to tune in on September 19th (and beyond!), keep reading below:

On September 19th, 2020, National Dance Day GSO will be celebrated as a series of prerecorded dance performances filmed in various locations around Center City and LeBauer Parks released to the public on the platforms below. Once posted, these videos will be available permanently on all platforms, so even if you can't join us on the 19th, you can still celebrate National Dance Day on your own time!

Ways to watch:

Click the button to the left to be taken to our National Dance Day GSO 2020 virtual basecamp on the downtown parks blog. On September 19th, we will upload every video performance at the start of the event, at 10AM, as separate posts on the blog, so you can check them out there all at once! There you'll not only be able to watch the incredible dance performances, but also read up on each performer, learning more about them, their work, ways to engage with them further and offer your support directly to them as artists and performers.

If you want to get straight to the video performances, check out our YouTube channel. On September 19th, all videos will be uploaded at the start of the event, so you can watch them all at once. Like what you see? Share the YouTube video link of your favorite video(s) to your Facebook or Twitter to spread the love for these amazing performances.

Enjoy a staggered release of the video performances throughout the day on September 19th by checking out our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Posting will begin at 10AM, so you can celebrate the event all day long as part of your normal scrolling routine. These platforms are also where you can check out updates from the park as we install the public artwork in celebration of the event that day. If posting or sharing content to your own platforms, be sure to use the hashtag #NationalDanceDayGSO so we can join in the fun as a community!

Your Support Means a lot

Like all of our programs at Greensboro Downtown Parks, National Dance Day GSO is free to attend every year. We're proud to put this event on, showcasing the talented performing artists of our local community. Especially this year, when the corona virus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on non-profits like us, artists, and the entire creative sector, we're grateful to have this event as a shining example of what coming together looks like, even when we have to be apart. Support from individuals and sponsor organizations is critical to bolstering the work of the local arts and culture economy. You can lend your support by donating or becoming a Friend of the Park and help us continue to bring free programs to the public.

We especially want to thank generous sponsors for helping us to put this virtual event on this year:

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