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Public Art: Celebrating Jeansboro

Title: Celebrating Jeansboro, NC: 'Psychedelic Spirt' & 'To the Children' Jeans

Artists: Psychedelic Spirit Jean by Addie Magyar of Northwest Guilford High School & To the Children Jean by Sage Hanna Betts

Sponsors: Jean by Wrangler, Denim by Cone Denim

Year Launched: 2015

Medium: Painted Fiber Glass

Location: LeBauer Park at Davie St. and Center City Park at Elm St.

In 2015, Wrangler and VF Jeanswear launched the public art project "Jeansboro" in celebration of Greensboro's rich denim and textile history of production for over 100 years. This project began as a contest among Guildford County high school students who created and submitted designs for the selection of being turned into 3D sculptures. Jeansboro initially launched with only six painted Jean sculptures that were located on Elm Street. As the years progressed, the number of Jean sculptures increased to where you can now find these artworks in Center City Park, LeBauer Park, throughout Downtown Greensboro, the PTI airport, and the Greensboro Science Center.

Psychedelic Spirit is located at the corner of Elm St. and Friendly Ave. at the entrance to Center City Park. This sculpture was painted by Northwest Guilford High School student, Addie Magyar. To the Children was created by artist, Sage Hanna Betts, to celebrate the opening of LeBauer Park as a safe space for the vast imaginations of children and the possibilities held within our community. This sculpture can be found adjacent the the Seasonal Plaza fountain in LeBauer Park.

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