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Public Art: Libation & Bending Grass

Title: Libation

Artist: Jim Cooper

Year: 2006

Medium: Bronze

Location: Center City Park Fountain

Title: Bending Grass

Artist: Jim Cooper

Year: 2006

Medium: Iron

Location: Center City Park Flowerbed

Jim Cooper, who describes himself as a blacksmith and metal artist, created Libation in his studio at the Lyndon Street Artworks in downtown Greensboro. This magnificent urn sculpture stands 8 1/2' tall and is comprised of two containers that continuously brim over water from one of the fountains in Center City.

Jim's Bent Grass Fencing defines the edges of the Park's entrances and serves to guide visitors into the Park.

The Artist

Jim Cooper was born in Birmingham, Alabama, where there is a profusion of steel in which he first acquired his interest in metal. A metal artist for 35 years, he has been in museum work for most of his adult life.

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