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Ramya Sundaresan Kapadia, Bharatanatyam in Carolyn's Garden

As a child, Ramya Kapadia was always fascinated by dance and dancers; by how beautifully every movement conveyed a story or defined space. She would often pretend to be a dancer, wearing anklets and stomping her feet and wearing flowers in her hair.

Initially trained in vocal music, Ramya Kapadia was first introduced to Bharatanatyam in sixth grade. It wasn't until she was 22 that she really focused on the dance form, utilizing precise footwork and hand gestures, as well as storytelling and abstract movement in her performances. For two years, Ramya studied under dance teacher, Shantha Gopinath. “It is the discipline, form, theoretical knowledge and above all, reverence for Bharatanatyam that she instilled in me that has stayed with me all these years.”

In 2008, Ramya established the Natyarpana School of Dance & Music in Durham to share the rich traditions of Bharatanatyam & Carnatic music with the youth of the Triangle Area. Natyarpana students actively participate in various local dance and music festivals and in master classes conducted in schools in the area. In addition to teaching, Ramya Kapadia still regularly participates in solo Bharatanatyam recitals around the country as well as in India. She also currently serves on the Advisory Board for the “Dance in the Van Dyke” performance series instituted by the Greensboro Dance Project. Next spring, she is hoping to participate in a “Festival of Villains” which draws from Indian mythology and explores what makes a person a villain--whether it is actions or perceived actions--and delves into the social constructs of right and wrong

When asked about her participation in National Dance Day, Ramya said, “I feel very humbled and very proud that my style is being featured and honored among mainstream/modern dance," and she's hopeful that her performance will “get people more curious to learn about other diverse cultures.”

Check out Ramya's Facebook, Instagram and website to learn more about her other projects!

Your Support Means a lot

Like all of our programs at Greensboro Downtown Parks, National Dance Day GSO is free to attend every year. We're proud to put this event on, showcasing the talented performing artists of our local community. Especially this year, when the corona virus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on non-profits like us, artists, and the entire creative sector, we're grateful to have this event as a shining example of what coming together looks like, even when we have to be apart. Support from individuals and sponsor organizations is critical to bolstering the work of the local arts and culture economy. You can lend your support by donating or becoming a Friend of the Park and help us continue to bring free programs to the public.

We especially want to thank generous sponsors for helping us to put this virtual event on this year:

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