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The BBoy Ballet, Street Dance & Contemporary Fusion, in the Children's Garden

Adjunct Professor of Dance at Salem College, Dom-Sebastian is a Hip-Hop & Contemporary Fusion Artist trained in various degrees of StreetDance, social grooves, and contemporary dance techniques. Dom-Sebastian has taught in multiple teaching settings for universities, local studios, and community workshops for organizations like the NC Folk Festival and GCS Dance Day. He was the first Hip-Hop Dance Instructor to teach at ADF's Studios and has completed training with the National Dance Institute. Dom-Sebastian is also a Teaching Artist with the nonprofit group, North Carolina Arts In Action. He works with Guilford County Schools in Greensboro, NC as an Arts Integrated Facilitator where he uses dance as a learning tool to assist elementary teachers in Title 1 schools. Dom is also the founder of The BBoy Ballet dance crew, a repeated participant in Greensboro’s National Dance Day celebration.

The BBoy Ballet was founded upon a shared passion for collaborative modern dance forms. Their vision is to create, perform, and teach movement that is inventive, dynamic, and inspiring to people of all ages and backgrounds. They seek to promote dance through performances, workshops, and local residencies within the community

Dom is no stranger to the downtown parks, he can frequently be found on the lawn practicing his moves. The covid quarantine has given him more time to work on technique, and to experiment with different styles and ways of movement. However, this was his first time dancing in the Children’s Garden. The cushioned turf surface was an interesting experience for him, and he had to adapt his street dance and contemporary fusion to the surface and the way it absorbed the power behind his moves. “Unlike most performances where the dancer is at the forefront and the music is in the background, I intentionally made my movements smaller and more understated for this performance. I hope people will watch the whole performance and really listen to the words juxtaposed with the movements and feel inspired.”

To learn more about Dom or to sign up for his outdoor dance classes, check out his Instagram, Facebook or website!

Your Support Means a lot

Like all of our programs at Greensboro Downtown Parks, National Dance Day GSO is free to attend every year. We're proud to put this event on, showcasing the talented performing artists of our local community. Especially this year, when the corona virus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on non-profits like us, artists, and the entire creative sector, we're grateful to have this event as a shining example of what coming together looks like, even when we have to be apart. Support from individuals and sponsor organizations is critical to bolstering the work of the local arts and culture economy. You can lend your support by donating or becoming a Friend of the Park and help us continue to bring free programs to the public.

We especially want to thank generous sponsors for helping us to put this virtual event on this year:

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