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Evolution of 'Where We Met' to Come

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

In partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro’s Public Art Endowment, we are pleased to present the evolution of LeBauer Park's Where We Met sculpture by artist Janet Echelman, who describes a central idea of her iconic artwork as an "embrace of change."

The premiere of the first of the new color schemes will be unveiled for the 2022 spring season and includes shades of blue which speak to Greensboro's historic connection to denim. Echelman recently unveiled designs for the next 15 years of the public artwork, which will begin a multi-year color progression in which the color scheme of the sculptural fiber netting is changed approximately every 5 years with a new color palette. Other elements of the artwork remain constant, including the sculpture’s structural rope system which traces the historic railway lines that come together in Greensboro to create a transportation hub and locus of the textile tradition of North Carolina.

Echelman hopes this cyclical change of color will energize the relationship of the artwork with Greensboro residents. “Each time the colors change, it’s an invitation to see the familiar in a new light,” said artist Janet Echelman. “And over the years, I hope people will look back at the photos they’ve taken and be able to locate memories and phases of their lives by the colors of the sculpture.” The new nets are being privately funded through an agreement with the CFGG and Studio Echelman. “We are so pleased with the relationship we have with

the artist Janet Echelman and her enthusiasm to work with us to make Greensboro the first place to realize her long held vision to have an artwork's color evolve over time,” said Walker Sanders, President of the Community Foundation.

“We are thrilled with the idea of the nets evolving over time. As the natural world evolves within the park, we will have a visual representation of that natural change floating above”, said GDPI’s Executive Director, Rob Overman.

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