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Ian Berry's Clapping Hands Come to #JeansboroStrong

In the rain on a Friday night, our staff lit the back of LeBauer Park's stage with a projection of Ian Berry's Clapping Hands. The artist's piece, inspired by a desire to show support for frontline care workers, shows an animation of clapping hands made from denim scraps.

The work has been projected in cities around the globe and came to Greensboro by way of the artist's friendship with Hudson's Hill owner, Evan Morrison. Our community's textile backbone was on full display as these denim hands clapped for #JeansboroStrong under the pink glow of Janet Echelman's Where We Met sculpture, the design of which is derived from Greensboro's historic textile railroad routes coming in and out of the city.

Read more about the project's purpose from the artist here, and more about its impact around the world in a story from the BBC here.

We encourage you to share this artwork with a message of support for whomever you're clapping for throughout this crisis, and consider making a donation to local relief efforts, such as:

Special thanks are to be given to The Public Art Endowment of Greensboro and Action Greensboro for helping to bring this project to LeBauer Park.

Photos by our Park Photographer, Jennifer Scheib of Happy Labs Photography.

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