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Park Arts Playlist: Power Hour

Sometimes you need a little extra motivation to get up and going on a Sunday afternoon. This playlist features a variety of musical genres from our GDPI program partners and local musicians that is sure to give you that extra oomph you need to get through the day. This hour long playlist is full of driving beats, powerful vocals, and fast rhythms that will give you the perfect motivation boost!

In 2020, our Programs Department was forced to cancel over 50 FREE concerts due to the public health crisis surrounding Covid-19, along with the cancellation of the other 400+ programs we had planned for the community this year. We are hopeful that in Spring 2021, Greensboro Downtown Parks will be able to return to in-person programming. In the meantime, we're bringing you this new blog series - Park Arts Playlists - a new playlist every week, featuring music from artists that either have performed at the downtown parks before or who would have performed this year.

If you're interested in helping us do more to support artists and creative engagement in our community, please consider becoming a donor and contributing to our $10K in 10 Weeks Campaign.

1. Robot Man (Live) by NathanRyan: Enjoy this playful song from folk-rock musician NathanRyan. NathanRyan is known for creating songs adults can enjoy, but with messages that are appropriate for children. After his first child was born in 2013, Nathan shifted his musical focus to start writing songs for his son and to create music that families can enjoy together.

2. Tortilla Trips by Funkelstiltskin: Funkelstiltskin considers themselves "a party band that grew up in the 90s" with a wide range of musical influences, from neo-soul and R&B to grunge and alternative. Funkelstiltskin was founded on campus at Appalachian State University, and the band currently resides in Boone, NC. Enjoy this song off of Funkelstiltskin's 2020 album, Big Chungus.

3. Hands Down by The Fat Catz: The Fat Catz are a four member band based in Burlington, NC. The Fat Catz are known for captivating their audience with danceable grooves and taking listeners on "a thrill ride of sound."

4. Downtown Tom - Live by STIG: STIG features Ryan Stigmon on the saxophone, Thomson “Soy Boy” Knoles on the keys, Jack McChesney on the drums, and Artie Sadtler on the bass guitar. These four musicians bring their improvised psychedelic funk sound from the hills of Asheville, NC to the eyes and ears of their fans across the US.

5. Beat Me Down (Pursuit of Happiness) by Africa Unplugged: Africa Unplugged is dynamic band that uses traditional instruments from West Africa and musical inspiration from around the world. You'll be tapping your toe along to the unique beats in this Africa Unplugged song, which hopefully brings some happiness to your Sunday afternoon!

6. One Foot by William Nesmith: Carolina native, William Nesmith is a classically trained pianist with a passion for creating pop hits. From his inspiring ballads to bubbly bops, Nesmith features his impressive vocal range and a spectrum of emotions in every song. One Foot is Nesmith's latest release, and the lyrics will provide just the motivation you need to get through the afternoon--one foot in front of the other!

7. All You Gotta Do by DownTown Abby and the Echoes: With powerful vocals and hard-driving rock 'n' soul rhythms, DownTown Abby and the Echoes first came on to the music scene in Asheville, North Carolina. .

8. You Know You Don't by Jujuguru: Jujuguru is a talented blues-rock band from Central North Carolina known for their soulful sound. Enjoy the rhythmic guitar and unique vocals in You Know You Don't.

9. Roll with the Punches (Live) by Whiskey Foxtrot: Whiskey Foxtrot is an Americana/Rock'n Roll band based in Winston-Salem, NC that is steeped in the traditions of American music. Whiskey Foxtrot has an extensive range, playing everything from hard-hitting rock and soulful blues, to country waltzes and tender folk ballads.

10. Shake Your Body by Sahara Reggae Band: Sahara Reggae Band has been sharing their upbeat and energetic music with Greensboro since 2001. The six band members specialize in Reggae, but also perform in a variety of other genres. However, no matter the style, Sahara Reggae Band brings their sultry vocals and entertaining performance to every song. Shake your body to the beat of this energetic song from Sahara Reggae Band.

Happy listening! Don't forget to check back next Sunday for more songs by local artists and GDPI partners!

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