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Park Arts Playlist: Rainy Day

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

On a gloomy day like today, sometimes all you need is to curl up with a good playlist and a cup of tea. This playlist features slower, soulful songs that are perfect for a cozy day inside. Sit back, press play, and enjoy these beautiful songs as the rain patters against the windows and you watch the autumn leaves falling outside.

In 2020, our Programs Department was forced to cancel over 50 FREE concerts due to the public health crisis surrounding Covid-19, along with the cancellation of the other 400+ programs we had planned for the community this year. We are hopeful that in Spring 2021, Greensboro Downtown Parks will be able to return to in-person programming. In the meantime, we're bringing you this new blog series - Park Arts Playlists - a new playlist every week, featuring music from artists that either have performed at the downtown parks before or who would have performed this year.

If you're interested in helping us do more to support artists and creative engagement in our community, please consider becoming a donor and contributing to our $10K in 10 Weeks Campaign.

1. Know It All by J Timber: J Timber is a pop, rock, and soul artist, originally from Queens, NY, but now residing in Greensboro. Enjoy a tender side of J Timber's music with the soothing, plucked guitar and gentle, raspy vocals.

2. Goodbye Yesterday by Abigail Dowd: Abigail Dowd is a Greensboro-based singer/songwriter/guitarist, known for her soulful voice and storytelling lyrics. Goodbye Yesterday showcases Dowd's soulful voice and soft classical guitar.

3. Sink or Swim by Nathan Weeks and Julian Sizemore: Nathan Weeks is a Greensboro-based singer/songwriter, who frequently pays homage to his home state of North Carolina through his deeply personal lyrics. In Sink or Swim, Nathan Weeks collaborates with Julian Sizemore, who is the keyboardist for the Greensboro band, The Mantras. This song showcases strumming guitar and powerful vocals that are perfect for your rainy day blues.

4. Let U Go by Africa Unplugged: Africa Unplugged is dynamic band that uses traditional instruments from West Africa and musical inspiration from around the world. Sit back and enjoy the soft beat and soulful vocals in Let U Go by Africa Unplugged.

5. Might as Well (feat. Larry Graves) by Justin The BeLoved: Justin The BeLoved is a Greensboro singer, rapper, musician, and producer with a voice that has been poetically described as "coated in honey and kissed by the sun." This song by Justin the BeLoved features smooth, sultry vocals and an impressive range.

6. Fear of Leaving by Admiral Radio: Becca Smith and Coty Hoover were inspired to begin their musical duo, Admiral Radio, after finding a dusty wooden radio in the back of an antique shop. The soft guitar, tight harmonies, and storytelling lyrics of Fear of Leaving by Admiral Radio are sure to draw you in.

7. 2am with Scott Marvill: Scott Marvill is a talented jazz bassist/guitarist, originally from Philadelphia. 2am is an ambient smooth jazz piece with subtle rhythms that is a great soundtrack for a gloomy day.

8. Townes Van Zandt by Anne Elise Hastings and Her Revolving Cast of Characters: Anne Elise Hastings and Her Revolving Cast of Characters are a New Orleans based folk rock band, whose music is inspired by the sounds of their Appalachian roots. Anne Elise leads the group with her powerful vocal range and lyrically driven music, accompanied by acoustic guitar, banjo and violin.

9. Worthy by XOXOK: Keenan Jenkins began his musical career while studying for his Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he played open mics and local artist showcases. Jenkins now performs as XOXOK, creating atmospheric soul music with his incredible vocal range.

10. Marsh Girl by Casey Noel: Young singer/songwriter, Casey Noel captivates listeners with her heartfelt music that 'beautifies sadness and gives wings to something tender.' Take a listen to this Americana-tinged song from Noel's debut album, Not Just Pretty Words.

Happy listening! Don't forget to check back next Sunday for more songs by local artists and GDPI partners!

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