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Park Arts Playlist: Relax & Unwind

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

After a stressful week, what better way to relax and unwind than with some good music? This playlist features a variety of genres with mellow beats and soothing melodies to help you wind down. Grab some headphones, press play, and let all your worries slip away.

In 2020, our Programs Department was forced to cancel over 50 FREE concerts due to the public health crisis surrounding Covid-19, along with the cancellation of the other 400+ programs we had planned for the community this year. We are hopeful that in Spring 2021, Greensboro Downtown Parks will be able to return to in-person programming. In the meantime, we're bringing you this new blog series - Park Arts Playlists - a new playlist every week, featuring music from artists that either have performed at the downtown parks before or who would have performed this year.

If you're interested in helping us do more to support artists and creative engagement in our community, please consider becoming a donor and contributing to our $10K in 10 Weeks Campaign.

1. Worry Less with Kassem Williams: Kassem Williams is a talented drummer and a 2016 graduate of UNCG. Begin to unwind as you listen to the ambient sound of Worry Less from Kassem Williams's debut album, "Universe Soul Pressure."

2. Two Star Motel by Admiral Radio: Becca Smith and Coty Hoover were inspired to begin their musical duo, Admiral Radio, after finding a dusty wooden radio in the back of an antique shop. The soft guitar, tight harmonies, and storytelling lyrics of Two Star Motel by Admiral Radio are sure to draw you in.

3. Counting the Stars by Doug Davis: Based in Winston-Salem, Doug Davis is a talented guitarist, singer, and prolific songwriter. Slip into relaxation as you listen to the melodious piano of Counting the Stars from Davis's album, "Lullabies for Sophie."

4. Mawa by Africa Unplugged: Africa Unplugged is dynamic band that uses traditional instruments from West Africa and musical inspiration from around the world. Forget your worries and allow yourself to be swept away by the soulful vocals and unique rhythms in Mawa by Africa Unplugged.

5. We are Here by Scott Marvill and Chuck Loeb: Scott Marvill is a talented jazz bassist/guitarist, originally from Philadelphia. In We are Here, Marvill plays alongside guitarist Chuck Loeb to create a smooth jazz piece, perfect for your easy listening.

6. Mockingbird by Abigail Dowd: Abigail Dowd is a Greensboro-based singer/songwriter/guitarist, known for her soulful voice and storytelling lyrics. Mockingbird showcases Dowd's angelic vocals against the background of her classical guitar, creating the perfect lullaby.

7. It's Alright by Jujuguru: Jujuguru is a talented blues-rock band from Central North Carolina known for their soulful sound. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rhythmic guitar from Jujuguru in It's Alright.

8. Chicken Solid by Dave Binanay and Adam Tierney: Enjoy the soft instrumentals of Chicken Solid, featuring the bright melody of Dave Binanay on violin and Adam Tierney strumming the acoustic guitar.

9. It's All Up to You by Ranford Almond: Young singer-songwriter, Ranford Almond, is known for his raspy vocals and folksy tunes that show maturity beyond his years. Sit back and relax to It's All Up to You from Ranford Almond's debut album "Back Burner."

10. Change by SunQueen Kelcey: SunQueen Kelcey describes her musical style as soul-rock, which is a genre-bending combination of hip-hop, soul, rock, and contemporary R&B. SunQueen Kelcey's sultry voice and empowering lyrics, paired with soothing guitar and warm violin tones will have you listening to Change on repeat.

Happy listening! Don't forget to check back next Sunday for more songs by local artists and GDPI partners!

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