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Do You Have An Accountability Partner?

Health coach, Cheri Timmons is here to share how having an accountability partner can help you navigate obstacles and inspire you to focus on success. Read through to learn the personal and professional benefits of such a relationship.

From Cheri:

Who is a trusted person in your life who holds you accountable?

Who understands your “why”, helps you navigate obstacles, inspires you, encourages you to keep your commitments and is focused on your success?

If you have that person, or team of people, then you understand the personal and professional benefits of such a relationship.

But, if you have never worked with someone to hold you accountable, you may not yet see the value of such a partnership.

You may have a strong sense of accountability for yourself…otherwise known as personal responsibility or internal accountability. Your own personal responsibility may be just the motivation you need within a number of aspects of your life.

But maybe not all areas.

Are there goals you have set that you have still never achieved? Perhaps you made some progress, but then stalled out – losing motivation to stay in the work.

Or maybe you ran into some roadblocks and became discouraged and chose to quit.

It is possible that you created goals that demanded more energy and time than was realistic and you became overwhelmed – blaming yourself and feeling guilty for not succeeding.

Well, you are not alone.

It is common to get off-track with goals you set for yourself. And, the path does not always have to be travelled independently.

Making use of a relationship for accountability can help you to formulate goals that are realistic and sustainable for you at this time in your life. This connection can help you navigate potential roadblocks, so that you are poised to respond rather than react when obstacles appear. A partnership of this kind can also help you tap into additional resources and support that will help you succeed.

Your accountability arrangement can be as informal or formal as you choose. Perhaps you have a friend or co-worker who shares a goal for improved physical wellness or enhancing public-speaking skills.

You may choose a mutually beneficial accountability partner arrangement. Where you and another person provide support, focus and accountability for each other.

Alternatively, you may engage the services of a certified coach (or mastermind group) who specializes in the area in which you are focused – nutrition, health, business development, writing, marketing, etc.

The ultimate goal is that you have the tools you need to see your dreams realized, so you can continue moving towards what matters most in your life.

Whichever accountability arrangement you choose, ensure that your choice is supportive, trustworthy, inspiring and knows your “why”.

Take care! Cheri

If you have been looking for success in improving your health and wellness, Cheri Timmons Coaching offers a 30-minute complimentary consultation to help you uncover your “why” and connect you with professional services that meet your needs. Request your consultation at:

Cheri Timmons is a Greensboro Downtown Parks program partner. The work she does with us is critical to providing FREE wellness programming to our park community. As we make our way through these unprecedented times, consider how you might support local Greensboro non-profits like us, as well as local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs like Cheri, makers, and more. We'll continue to bring you free programming through our digital platforms and look forward to having you join us and Cheri back in the parks soon!

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