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Break a Sweat with A-Row-Bics: Rowing and Circuits

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Every Thursday, May 20 - June 24

6:00 - 7:00pm

Price Bryan Stage, LeBauer Park

Program Partner: NC Rowing Center

Want to add it to your calendar? Register here. Drop-ins are always welcome.

Come out to LeBauer Park each Thursday, 6pm to 7pm, for a free workout class with instructors from the North Carolina Rowing Center! No equipment or experience is necessary! Rowing machines will be supplied for participants to enjoy this 60 minute, instructor-led class.

Rowing provides a fun, high energy experience for participants and can be adapted to all fitness levels. Throughout the class, instructors will provide coaching to help with technique and motivation. Instruction is given for the entire 60 minute class period, teaching new rowers how to do exercises with full explanations. The workout is also set to upbeat music to ensure you will stay motivated and energetic the whole time!

The NC Rowing Center is passionate about connecting individuals to a community through shared experiences with fitness. We welcome you to join this fun group of rowers who can encourage and inspire you to find your love for this sport!

Learn more about the NC Rowing Center on its website and Facebook page!

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