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Click Unsubscribe And Streamline Your Life: Advice From Cheri Timmons

You have permission to click “Unsubscribe”.

The simple, intentional act of clicking “Unsubscribe” is a self-care strategy that can help you begin to streamline your life and bring a sense of mental and emotional freedom.  

Over the years you have joined numerous email lists.  Which means that every hour of every day, businesses are vying for your attention.  Many experts agree that more than 120 business emails are sent and received each day for the average person.

You may have ordered the perfect pair of boots online and now get weekly promo emails from the seller.  Perhaps you signed up for a fun freebie, but the weekly messages from the sender are simply no longer relevant to your life.  Or maybe you are not sure how you got on a particular email list, but if you don’t find the subject line interesting you quickly delete the message to get rid of it.

Whew, that is a lot of mental gymnastics to go through every day.  It is time to clear out the clutter and enjoy the space it creates.

Make a commitment to yourself to unsubscribe from five email lists each day this week.  Many smart phones make it easy to by placing an “Unsubscribe” link right at the top of messages that come to you from a mailing list.  Or you can simply scroll all the way down to the end of each email and will find your link to unsubscribe.

Think of this as short self-care challenge.  One that will result in less junk in your Inbox and more control over the messages you are letting in.

Need more help?  Just let me know and I can help you design a plan for self-care success! or 336-365-8420

Cheri Timmons is a Greensboro Downtown Parks program partner. The work she does with us is critical to providing FREE wellness programming to our park community. As we make our way through these unprecedented times, consider how you might support local Greensboro non-profits like us, as well as local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs like Cheri, makers, and more. We'll continue to bring you free programming through our digital platforms and look forward to having you join us and Cheri back in the parks soon!

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