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CounterFlow Yoga Class With GSO Downtown Yoga

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air with this special CounterFlow Yoga class with Greensboro Downtown Yoga studio owner, Summer Sides!

Enjoy the beauty of nature in this outdoor CounterFlow Yoga - Balance Focused Class on GXunited TV. Slow down and focus on mindful movement through a series of balance and posture focused flows. This class helps you to be creative in your movement journey.

CounterFlow Yoga is a dynamic modern yoga practice infused with functional movement experiences to improve posture, balance, mobility, and strength for the 21st century person. Mindful movement exploration allows everyone to become curious, creative, and courageous in their own bodies.

This class will be free for everyone through this Friday, November 7th. Make sure to tune in to this free CounterFlow Yoga class while you can! To access the class, click on this link for GXunitedTV!

Additionally, Greensboro Downtown Yoga is doing a "Birthday Special" from 11/2 - 11/12 with free access to GXunited TV using code SUMMERSBIRTHDAY2020. Visit GXunited.TV/join to learn more!

GXunited TV. is an at-home studio that includes yoga, barre, meditation, functional movement, and kettlebell classes. 

Your help and support of Greensboro Downtown Yoga is greatly appreciated during this time of unknown and uncertainty. A small donation will help keep GDY moving forward, continuing to film live classes, and keep the doors open after #covid19.

Greensboro Downtown Yoga is a Greensboro Downtown Parks program partner. The work they do with us is critical to providing FREE wellness programming to our park community. As we make our way through these unprecedented times, consider how you might support local Greensboro non-profits like us, as well as businesses like Greensboro Downtown Yoga, artists, entrepreneurs, makers, and more. We'll continue to bring you free programming through our digital platforms and look forward to having you join us and Greensboro Downtown Yoga back in the parks soon!

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