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Create Your Mantra with GSO Downtown Yoga

Join Greensboro Downtown Yoga to learn how to develop a mantra to use in your next yoga class, or as a way to focus your mind when there is lots of chatter going on inside your head. Summer will focus on 3 steps to create the mantra, and 3 steps for developing and using your mantra. Learn more about GDY's Movement Mantra Project here!

Greensboro Downtown Yoga is a Greensboro Downtown Parks program partner. The work they do with us is critical to providing FREE wellness programming to our park community. As we make our way through these unprecedented times, consider how you might support local Greensboro non-profits like us, as well as businesses like Greensboro Downtown Yoga, artists, entrepreneurs, makers, and more. We'll continue to bring you free programming through our digital platforms and look forward to having you join us and Greensboro Downtown Yoga back in the parks soon!

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